The workshops


We offer workshops, built around the ANIM 2.0 serious game, thanks to a mobile classroom composed of 20 laptops, a large screen with videoprojector and various educational materials



Customized training programs will also be possible by associating several modules of your choice. The educational program can then be adjusted to the partner’s needs, according to the target audience, the period of time available, the type of content they are looking for.



The game is shown on a large screen, with film extracts and complementary educational elements such as: animation or editing softwares, educational drawings or cards, etc.


A stakeholder will guide the participants through the game and provide them with corrections, comments and educational interludes.


Anim 2.0 mainly targets children from 10 to 14 years old. It can be associated with other educational tools. In case of a use of the game only, the workshop can last up to two hours.


More information: Mélanie LONGEAU
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